Lixivium Games

Lixivium Games is a five-person partnership based out of Berkeley, California. We love creating (and playing) games that make you think, laugh, and occasionally groan.


We're a worker-owned cooperative. We don't just believe every worker should be fairly treated and compensated for their work, we actually made it mandatory in our partnership agreement [PDF]. So when you buy our games – or if you ever work with us – you can do so with the confidence that everyone involved got a good deal.


Michael Pruess (co-director of Development and Business; Design, Creative)
Michael started designing "Alchemy" in 2011. He now mostly does playtesting and management of the partnership. Michael also writes, makes Card Hunter, and fights capitalism.

Andrew Lin (co-director of Development; Design)
The first person to join the team, he helped design and develop an entire draft of the game, back when it was an element-based game named Alchemy. Andrew's main focus is the gameplay itself.

Greg Schram (co-director of Creative; Business)
Greg helped formulate some of the early rules groundwork, and contributed to template prototyping. He invented many of our unusual servant types, developed the visual style and language of the game, and art directors for illustration. He also reps the CCG noobs to make sure LabHem doesn't crawl too far up... well, you know.

David Pruess (co-director of Design; Development, Business, Creative)
David is passionate about strategy games (go, chess, magic), and has put a lot of his energy into coming up with separate strategies (and mechanics) for the different disciplines (and discipline pairs), and he's just as happy to test them out by playing a ton of Laboratory Mayhem. Other interests include people, education, revolution, literature, and music.

Myles Schaller (co-director of Creative and Design)
Disappointed by actual cultures while studying archaeology, Myles invented better ones for the setting, history, and characters of Nomali. He also brings years of reading and thought on game design and development to the team.


Junior members of the Lixivium team, working toward partnership:

Brad Armstrong (Development)
David Steel (Development)

Our artists: Adriana Irina Cofaru, Alejandro Arevalo, Alex Harvey, Alex Tiama, Ameilee Sullivan, Ania Milewski, Arjay Jones, Arturo Beirud, Arvin Brizuela, Brittany England, Caprice Hong, Carol Hildebrand, Cale Ajioka, Cherson Medina, Daria Proskuriakova, Darko Jovanov, David Joyce, Dot Lee, Dylan Quinn, Fajar Kurniawan, Gillian Drake, Glen Henry, Heriberto Martinez Jr., Ibai Canales, Jacob Greenaway, Jasmine Paredes, Jessie Lehner, Jordan Murphy, Kira L. Nguyen, Laura Fontanet, Malgorzata Kmieć, Marcus Oriente, Margo Sikes, Mateusz Wieczorek, Matt Duckett, Michelle Lam, Oleg Rotar, Omar A. Vallejos Vega, Ospiova Svetlana, Piotr Tekien, Rachel Lang, Ramasses Romero, Ratchet Creations, Ruwen Liu, S. Calvin, Sandra Haro, Sean P. Guzman, Shahzeb Kahn, Spencer Bowen, Sérgio Sequeira, Tran Hoang, Trish Stradel, Tsad de Lira, Uros Jovanovic, Vincent Christiaens, Wendy Roberts, Wes Noyes, Zelensky Ruslan


Thanks also to the following individuals:

Josh Agar, Antonio Baclig, Mike B, Steven Celiceo, Seraphina Cobeen, Tristan French, Emily Judd, Chloe Le Marchand, David Mendelsohn, Jamison Pines, Josh Pines, Morgan Quirk, Paul Rempel, Saki, Books Schwartz, Sam Shankland, Arun Sharma, Mark Sorenson, Michael Whittemore