Laboratory Mayhem

What is Laboratory Mayhem?

You are a mischievous alchemist, a practitioner of one—or several—of the six alchemical disciplines. Create fantastical servants, potent spellbombs, body-altering transmutations, and enchanted nexuses within your laboratory—then send them at your rival and reduce their lab to rubble!

Laboratory Mayhem is an alchemy-themed strategic card game. Our first set is currently out of beta and pre-retail, containing 252 unique cards. Game length varies from about 15 to 60 minutes, depending on how aggressive or defensive a strategy you adopt. Experienced players are constantly discovering hundreds of strategies and tactics. For our lovely newbies, there are entry-level decks designed to let you jump in immediately and learn as you go.

Laboratory Mayhem has been designed and thoroughly playtested for multiple game formats, including draft and constructed. And creative players are always coming up with more!

The city of Nomali attracts explorers and refugees, cultists and entrepreneurs. Many cultures clash and mingle here, and alchemy touches them all. Work for the pyromaniacs who started an industrial revolution. Adventure with ecologists to discover new beasts and fauna-- and "improve" them. Join the mystics who once navigated by the stars, and now speak with them directly. Nomali's a big place, but you'll have to earn yours.
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How to Play

There are two main sets of mechanics in Laboratory Mayhem. For our beginner's rulebook or the full detailed rules, hop over to our How to Play page.

Every card can be used in any of the three ways: as a room, a reagent, or a recipe. Every turn brings big choices as alchemists must choose how they'll play each new card they draw.

  • Play card face up as a recipe: This is the main way to play a card - gaining its abilities and bringing it into play.
  • Play card upside down as a reagent: Reagents are what a card can do when it's not in play. Most reagents contain ingredients you'll need to assemble recipes.
  • Play card face down as a room: Rooms unlock a card's reagent, giving you what they say.

There are four types of recipes you can assemble:

Servants: fight for you, defending your laboratory or attacking the opponent's servants and laboratory. Many have special abilities.
Transmutations: alterations or additions to existing servants that may grant them new strengths and abilities... or weaknesses and flaws.
CT10Spellbombs: one-time effects of all kinds.
UZ20Nexuses: alchemically-empowered rooms that create persistent effects over the course of the game.

Servants are the biggest part of Laboratory Mayhem, making up about half of all cards. On your turns, your servants may attack the opponent's servants, or vandalize their lab if it is unguarded. Attacking is encouraged, so games are more likely to be bloodbaths than staredowns.

Whether you focus on building up the defenses of your own lab and creating powerful servants, or on vandalizing your opponent's lab as quickly as possible, your end goal is the same: destroy your opponent's laboratory by emptying their deck and destroying their rooms.