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  • Developing the Lab Mayhem Look

    Before there was art, there was the world. At least, that’s the order that the Lab Mayhem creative did it in. When we overhauled the game’s central theme from natural elements to alchemical disciplines, we dove into creating an entirely new world, almost totally different from what we’d already been playing with. Our internal Wiki kept track of the history, … Keep reading
  • The Six Disciplines: Combustion

    In a previous post, Greg wrote about how we moved away from Earth-Wind-Fire-Water, and ended up with the six disciplines of alchemy we currently have. Drawing on our internal wiki about Nomali, its inhabitants, and the world surrounding it, we'll be posting six blogs to give a little more information on the six disciplines. At the time of our game, … Keep reading
  • From Elements to Disciplines

    When a game is in development for two years, it's going to go through many changes — but few were as dramatic as the flavor overhaul of early 2014. In the game's early days, instead of six equal disciplines, there were four major elemental disciplines (water, earth, fire, and wind) and two minor ones (metal and flesh). As the project … Keep reading
  • Awesome Art

    Today we have the pleasure of introducing to you the first card with completed artwork: This is "Shock and Awe," illustrated by Steven Celiceo. The Concept Shock and Awe is the poster child for a Combustion spellbomb: the annihilation of a massive Astrology golem, which terrifies its fellow luminid out of action. You can also see shocked observers all about, … Keep reading