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  • Our Kickstarter Party, Jan 31!

    After years of work Lab Mayhem is finally coming to Kickstarter on Tuesday, January 31st! We're hoping to raise some funds for full, professional card illustration as well as a proper manufacturing run. More details soon. If you're in the SF Bay Area, consider coming to our exciting Kickstarter Kickoff party, details below! 7-10 p.m. Junior 576 Folsom St San … Keep reading
  • Record Turnout!

    For the January 24th tournament at Games of Berkeley, we tried one important innovation to increase turnout: having multiple sections, one for new players, and one for repeat players. In the past, we had alternated between events aimed at new players and events aimed at more advanced players. In addition to justifiably making some players feel too advanced or too … Keep reading
  • Spark Mod wins 1st Constructed

    This evening, Victory Point Cafe hosted the first constructed tournament of Lab Mayhem. Eight players showed up to test their deck construction skills as well as their playing skills. The last week or two there had been a notable buzz as people started thinking seriously about what deck they'd be playing tonight, and testing out various decks. I myself thought … Keep reading
  • Andrew’s Tournament Experience

    I remember waking up the day of the tournament and realizing that I actually didn't have a deck yet. I decided to modify the Star-Stitched (Reanimation-Astrology) deck because I thought it'd be under-represented as the most complex deck. I made the following changes: Original → Modified 1x Mount Meat → 1x Perdition's Altar 1x Atiq's Portal → 1x Snare the … Keep reading
  • Results: Close!

    Our first public tournament went very smoothly on Saturday—from an organizational standpoint. The games themselves were very closely-fought, and no player or discipline had an easy time or emerged unscathed. Our co-champions were Andrew Lin and Jamie Pines, who won their first 2 games, and in the final round fought to a draw. Hopefully we'll have one of them posting … Keep reading
  • First Public Tournament

    We are excited to announce our first public tournament! It will be Saturday, November 7, at Games of Berkeley. Facebook event. There will be 3 rounds, running from 1 to 4:30 pm. The format: "Starter Plus," where you start with one of our four pre-constructed starter decks, then replace any 5 cards with cards of your choosing. This format is a … Keep reading
  • July 5 Playtest Event Report

    Yesterday, we concluded our biggest playtest event to date. It was held at Games of Berkeley and attended by seventeen folks. Many friends made our day by showing up, but the icing on the cake was the arrival of two total strangers who had read about our game on the Games of Berkeley calendar! For this event, we had new … Keep reading