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  • A Godly General

    Introducing Kam-Sala General               aka God of Goblins! The idea for the Kam-Sala General came from an issue with early game play. Low drops just weren't as good as more expensive cards. There were a variety of reasons for that. A single 3-cost card tended to be more powerful in battle than any 1- … Keep reading
  • Lab Mayhem’s First Cycle

    Five fresh cards incoming! Behold:     These five servants are here to help your team. They temporarily give their ability to a different servant, which can result in potent synergies. In fact, given their generally frail bodies, they really want to be helping another servant. We referred to these guys as the sharer cycle in design. A cycle is … Keep reading
  • CM v RA Rares Revealed

    Star-Stitched This deck combines Reanimation and Astrology, the two most combination-oriented disciplines in the game. Unsurprisingly the deck has several combos in it. Its two rares are powerful cards designed to support its strategies. Let's start with one piece of new finished art by Margo Sikes: There are three different ways in this deck to produce a massive stream of … Keep reading
  • Nat v Tox Rares Revealed

    All the commons and uncommons for the preconstructed Naturalism and Toxicology decks have been revealed previously. Now it's time to see each decks powerhouse rares... and these are definitely cards with exciting potential. Additionally, this is a chance to reveal TWO fresh pieces of awesome art work, by Fajar Kurnaiwan and Steve Celiceo! Symbiosis / Naturalism 101 This guy stemmed … Keep reading
  • Awesome Art

    Today we have the pleasure of introducing to you the first card with completed artwork: This is "Shock and Awe," illustrated by Steven Celiceo. The Concept Shock and Awe is the poster child for a Combustion spellbomb: the annihilation of a massive Astrology golem, which terrifies its fellow luminid out of action. You can also see shocked observers all about, … Keep reading