• We’re Kickstarted!

    We are overjoyed to say that Laboratory Mayhem's Kickstarter concluded this morning with over 160 backers contributing $13,371 – well over our stretch goal! We cannot thank you all enough for pledging, sharing, and cheering us on. Over the next few months we'll be finishing the hundreds of pieces of art still remaining, updating our product to include the stretch goal additions, tweaking the card template, … Keep reading
  • Our Kickstarter Party, Jan 31!

    After years of work Lab Mayhem is finally coming to Kickstarter on Tuesday, January 31st! We're hoping to raise some funds for full, professional card illustration as well as a proper manufacturing run. More details soon. If you're in the SF Bay Area, consider coming to our exciting Kickstarter Kickoff party, details below! 7-10 p.m. Junior 576 Folsom St San … Keep reading
  • Duel Deck Development

    As an LCG, opening a set of Laboratory Mayhem can be a daunting experience, as you are greeted by 252 unique cards all wanting to be played. To ease new players into the game and give them a sense of the possibilities, we came up with two duel deck products, each designed to provide a fun, fair matchup. These duel … Keep reading
  • Developing the Lab Mayhem Look

    Before there was art, there was the world. At least, that’s the order that the Lab Mayhem creative did it in. When we overhauled the game’s central theme from natural elements to alchemical disciplines, we dove into creating an entirely new world, almost totally different from what we’d already been playing with. Our internal Wiki kept track of the history, … Keep reading
  • 44 Unique Cards

    [This coming Tuesday, April 5, from 6-9 at Games of Berkeley, we will be running our first tournament with the "Singleton" format, in which a deck is composed of 44 unique cards] When reporting on our first constructed tournament, David commented on my singleton decks, saying that “building these singleton decks and then playing with them… must be a really … Keep reading
  • The Best Card!

    At the January 24th draft, a player asked me "what's the best card in Laboratory Mayhem?" Hmmm, I thought a moment. I'd never actually asked myself that or formed an opinion. "In constructed or limited?" I asked back-- the power of a card can certainly vary between a format where decks are very precise and honed, and a slower format. … Keep reading
  • Building 5-Color Control

    [Ed note: Today we're very happy to have an article from Sam, who won the most recent constructed tournament at Victory Point Cafe on 2/20. In it, he explains how he built his deck, and then gives a round-by-round report on his games from the tournament. Here is his decklist:] COMBUSTION (4) 4 Abradacci Rocket Show (C+1c, c) METALLURGY (3) … Keep reading
  • Reagent-base in Draft

    In the draft on 1/24, I got approximately the following deck (when I got home that night and I tried to remember the deck list, I could not remember my 44th card): Reckless Provocateur Flocksbane (A) Brickbag Builder Box Nosy Cinder Imp Emergency Graft Helmetize Sonic Sail (V) 2 Tinderfoot 2 Cauldron Salamander 2 Jagged Vinekin Grumbling Toolbox (A) Nourishing … Keep reading
  • Record Turnout!

    For the January 24th tournament at Games of Berkeley, we tried one important innovation to increase turnout: having multiple sections, one for new players, and one for repeat players. In the past, we had alternated between events aimed at new players and events aimed at more advanced players. In addition to justifiably making some players feel too advanced or too … Keep reading